Mommy Moment: Sharing Your Faith

Do you ever wonder if your children understand what is being taught? Are they regurgitating what you say or do they actually believe?

During our bible lesson last month I asked them “What is God like?” Bam Bam (5 years old) jumped up and said “LOVE!” My heart was so full as Bear (11 years old) wrote their responses on the blackboard. Even our Princess (3 years old) continuously chimed in! They “get it!” They understand. They believe.

Be encouraged that your lessons are making their way into the hearts of your children. Prioritize family prayer time, church attendance, and fellowship with like minded believers. Most importantly, live by example because as they are watching daily as you walk out your Faith. Show your children the fruit of the spirit of God by your words, actions, and character.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to homeschool my children. Thank you, Lord, that our daily schedule includes time with you. Thank you for being love, refilling, hugs, high fives, strong, powerful, and kind. Thank you for being so accessible that the smallest of children and oldest adults can experience you and understand who you are. Amen

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Ta’Neisha K.

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