Preschool Reading Lessons with Learning Dynamics

Today I’ll be sharing our experience while using the Learning Dynamics program with Princess. This is a structured, multisensory, phonics-based system created to teach children how to read. For this review, we received the entire Learning Dynamics Reading Program.

The Learning Dynamics Reading Program features a Lesson Manual, Student Workbook, Music CD, Flashcards, Rewards, and over 50 books. All of these items are stored together in a small box that can easily sit on a countertop or table. This program was created to help children develop language comprehension sequencing, rhyming, classification, and letter sounds. It uses a multisensory approach through music and short, 15-minute lessons to create a fun learning environment for your little reader. After learning to blend letter sounds, your child will begin reading words and complete their first book within four weeks. The remainder of the program builds on this foundation and creates a confident young reader. I used this program with Princess, our three-year-old daughter, for approximately 20 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

This book actually holds two manuals in it. The first section has clear, simple directives for the initial 41 lessons. Each is only one page and includes occasional teaching tips in bold print. The back of the book holds Lesson Manual 2 which focuses on letter blends. I found this manual to be easy to use, refer to, and teach from. I truly appreciate the single page simplicity because it keeps the manual from being bulky.

Your child begins building their library in Lesson 9 after learning about the letter G. From there, you can continue to present books to your child as they gain confidence. First, you read through the short vowel books then continue on to the two vowel books after those lessons. The books are colorful, have large easy to read font, and the illustrations are perfect for children. I also like that the characters in these books are multicultural. Each type of book is color coordinated and labeled on the back so you don’t confuse the short vowel, long vowel, consonant blends, and diagraphs books.

Learn more about this program via their YouTube video

The compact disc holds over 30 songs to play during the lessons. Each lesson begins with the alphabet song then later, a letter song is also played to reinforce the sound for that day. This material is also available via compact disc or MP3. Princess thought the songs were catchy but they aren’t her favorite.

All the worksheets for this program can be found in the Student Workbook. The workbook has the same single page format which means activity time is very short. As the children learn the letter they are introduced to a new character. The corresponding letter characters are found on the punchout reward cards. You can use these as rewards at the end of each lesson. Princess was excited about earning new cards each lesson and is working hard to complete her collection. The Learning Dynamics flashcards are to show children how to isolate a letter and its specific sound. The second set of flashcards connect the characters in the books with the appropriate letters. I found these fun to use and even created a game with them.

The overall product packaging is nice, convenient, and colorful. I like how every piece is housed in the upright cardboard box that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I also like how the personal library grew as Princess continued to learn. She liked the stories, colorful illustrations, and that the books were small enough for her hands. I would have preferred a container to keep the rewards and flashcards in. They were initially stored in the provided folder but after frequent use, it ripped. We then had to store those manipulatives in a Ziploc bag.

I also appreciated the Teacher’s Manual because of the concise text and single page layout. This is the easiest to read manual that I own, especially for a reading program. I like that this program focuses on a multisensory approach because young children enjoy music and various activities. Incorporating music makes the lessons fun and gives the child a constant reminder of what they learned. Princess enjoyed the lessons and our time together while learning how to read.

Based on the structure of this program and the quality of the products, it is imperative that Learning Dynamics cares for its customers. The Learning Dynamics Reading Program fully conveys the company’s pledge that with a little time and the right materials, any child can read and anyone can teach them. We will continue the use of this reading program until Princess completes it.

Click the photo below to read how Homeschool Review Crew members are using this reading program in their homeschool.

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