Study. Pray. Journal. Repeat.

Prior to marriage and children, I remember having so much time on my hands. I could read an entire book within three days and study on a whim so finding time for personal Bible study was never an issue. Lately, tending to husband and chasing our three arrows often left me wondering if I had time to add anything else to my schedule. But, I thank God for the revelation that we are all given the same twenty-four hours each day and will make time for what is important to us.


Nowadays, I make time daily to study scripture then pray and write about what I’ve read. I also realize that when I don’t spend that time with God I feel empty after some time because my prayer and study time energizes me. I’m also grateful that I don’t always study the scripture alone because I enjoy learning from my husband and in women’s fellowship. It is my prayer that every scripture read is done so with understanding and willingness to subsequently grow. I also believe that if I need further clarification God will provide it via additional research, sermons, or conversations with other mature believers.

All these and a myriad of other questions can be asked when bible study is discussed, planned, and/or created.

  • When you read your bible what is your purpose?
  • Do you truly listen to each word as you recite it in your head or aloud?
  • Do you desire to learn something new?
  • Do you grow when the word prunes you or do you ignore what you just read?
  • Do you see the issues of others while reading the bible or are you focused on what God wants you to learn during study time?
  • Do you make time to memorize scripture and teach your children to do the same?
  • Do you have a version you can understand?
  • Do you compare what you’ve read in alternate versions to the 1611 KJV?

I can’t answer these for you but I will say that as we mature spiritually, our answers should change as well.


In 2019 it is imperative that every believer become a student of the word more so than ever before. So many things are going on around us and there are many that claim to be Christians without ever truly meeting Christ. Often, church members hear the preacher but don’t make time to be the Berean and study to ensure his three points and anecdote match up with the text. If we call ourselves “people of God (through Jesus Christ)” shouldn’t we desire to read the book our faith is based on? Shouldn’t we desire to be more than milk fed babes that only repeat clichés for strength? Shouldn’t we strive to memorize precise scripture so the word will be hidden in our hearts? Shouldn’t our words and deeds portray the fruit of the spirit of God? Dear believer, don’t let this be you in 2019!

This year, find a bible that you can understand but be sure you read it alongside the 1611 KJV. This year, commit to memorizing several verses, entire chapters, and then complete books of scripture. This year be the friend or family member that can provide powerful prayer and encouragement from the scriptures when asked or as the Holy Spirit leads. This year be the church member that can say “Pastor, in December when you preached Before Goliath, from 1 Samuel 17:33-37, I love how you compared the preparation David had in the fields through bravery, being underestimated, and even slaying several animals much bigger than him to our spiritual growth process. You did an awesome job of breaking down the importance of preparation and not trying to go forward in ministry before Gods timing.”


This year study, journal, pray about what God has shown you and repeat this process daily. This year be a direct reflection of life CHRISTstyle through your fruit and holiness. This year teach your children the holy scriptures, which are able to make them wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15). Never underestimate the power of the unblemished, God-breathed scripture because it is truly the LIVING WORD that prunes and molds us for growth naturally and spiritually.

For additional encouragement on the power of prayer and to get FREE prayer calendars and devotional downloads check out my recent blog post.

Make this week reflective,

Ta’Neisha K.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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