Review: Math Galaxy apps & eBooks

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

The newest learning craze at our homeschool is the myriad of products offered by Math Galaxy. Bear has practiced 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, and Pre-Algebra Fundamentals via their interactive apps. I was also able to create some lessons using the vast eBook collection.

Math Galaxy was created with your child’s whole learning experience in mind. From Preschool to the SAT, Math Galaxy has an app and an eBook to help guide new learning and review past concepts. These products cover addition, multiplication, multi-step problem-solving, and much more. They also aid children in making a smooth transition from familiar and concrete experiences to abstract thinking. By focusing on student retention, they designed programs that clearly review concepts sequentially and interactively while providing understanding.

Math Galaxy offers over 30 eBooks that provide practice for math concepts like whole numbers, fractions, prealgebra, and algebra. These books can be purchased individually or bought as topical bundle sets. Each provides practice worksheets and some that feature a Wheel-of-Fortune format where answers to math problems give clues to solve riddles. Combined, these books provide over 1000 pages that can be used to review or master math concepts.

Whole Number Riddles eBook Bundle includes 11 eBooks with over 300 printable math worksheets and solutions. There are worksheets about time and money, multi-digit addition and subtraction, as well as rounding, estimation, and word problems. The Fractions Riddles eBook Bundle provides 350 worksheets plus solutions between eight books. These cover identifying, equivalent, reducing, and improper fractions practice questions are included along with length and area.

Decimals, Proportions, Percents Riddles EBook Bundle covers prealgebra topics like ratios, proportions, and includes word problems. Two of the books focus solely on practicing length, area, volume, capacity, weight, and angles. Algebra Riddles eBook Bundle provides over 200 worksheets over exponents, metric operations, and linear equations. This set of books is geared towards students in middle school and high school.

iOS apps:
Math Galaxy offers over 10 apps created for all school-aged children. These apps push past simple rule memorization to connect the math concepts. Multilevel games are included with added incentives for correct answers. As you work through each of the apps you are given step-by-step guides to complete the problems. After completing the questions you are given extra points for correct answers that can be used in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a maze search game that is used as an incentive for completing the work and getting the answers right. The game can only be accessed via the points earned during work time.

We used three apps during our review process. 6th Grade Math provides practice for fractions, multiplication, multi-digit division, area, pictographs, and much more. 7th Grade Math covers understanding ratios, determining proportions, graphs, rates, converting units, percents, and geometry. Pre-Algebra Fundamentals tutors your child on things like decimals, integers, absolute value, exponents, order of operations, slopes, inverse variation, trigonometry, and frequency tables. Each app is Common Core aligned with the required standards for each grade.

Our Routine & Final Thoughts:

Initially, I assigned Bear one of three apps daily to use for 10-15 minutes. We continued this schedule during the first half of our review process. After that, I let him decide which app he wanted to use for the day. He still used each of the apps but he preferred the 6th Grade and Pre-Algebra Fundamentals apps. He liked the layout of the apps and the ability to earn access to the Labyrinth. He rarely had issues that needed troubleshooting and found the program to be user friendly. I used the eBooks to create practice packets for Bear. These were pulled from a few times a week and used as warm-ups for our class. I did find the Wheel-of-Fortune style creative but felt overwhelmed by the single style option. I will continue to use these occasionally but not much since Bear requested more variety.

Overall, I like the Math Galaxy products we used and found them to be good supplements for Bear’s math lessons. These apps and eBooks provided unlimited practice with a similar style to the Singapore Math we currently use. So many families are quickly adjusting to education at home and the products from Math Galaxy can definitely help. Their variety of ebooks and iOS apps present education in a fun way while reviewing or teaching material. These will work well in your home to ensure your child continues to learn, even while playing games.

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