Wife Talk: 5 Tips for a Delightful Day

I don’t know what it is about my anniversary that makes me feel like a new woman in love all over again. I go out of my way to look extraordinary to remind Kevin of why he chose me. Of course, I wasn’t always like this but in our third year of matrimony I took an extreme evaluation of my daily routine and the results were disappointing. Back then, it was always my intention to be a wife first but often I’d forget to put my husband before my children. In our early years, when Kevin came home after work he was tired, I was tired, and our oldest son was tired. We would simply eat, prepare for bed, go to sleep, and repeat it all the next day. Yes, we spent lots of time together but it wasn’t quality time. I knew things could improve and these changes ensured our daily routine included key things for everyone.
  • Dress for the day! A little blush here, some golden highlight there, and a dab of his favorite scent for me are sure to make Kevin smile. Even without makeup, I definitely make sure my clothes are matching or my maxi house dress is free of stains from fixing lunch or other daily chores. Doing this makes me feel wonderful and prepared for any emergency errand that might arise. Remember, when you look good you’ll feel good!
  • Create a to-do list! Of course, you all know about my planner hobby, or addiction according to my husband. I use my planner daily to create a list of things I MUST get done. I also write a list of things I complete each day. Doing this keeps me focused on tasks and ultimately helps me rest at night. My mind doesn’t mull over tomorrow’s tasks while I’m falling asleep because I have a list.
  • Create a family bedtime routine! Start by having an actual bedtime for your children and yourself. Begin setting the tone two hours prior to bedtime cleaning rooms, bathing, brushing teeth, and family prayer time. Once the children are settled, have time for yourself. I like to cuddle with my husband and read. No matter what you do, the goal is to wind down and limit the use of devices.
  • Dress for the night! FYI THIS IS NOT A SEX THEMED POST <–your bedroom is your business–> this is an enjoy your evenings fully post. It is time to trash those torn t-shirts and raggedy pajama sets. I’m not saying spend every night covered in silk and lace, but if you do go on girl! However, keep in mind that there are many cute cotton chemise gowns that can replace an old stained t-shirt. This will also make you feel better. Again, when you look good you’ll feel good.
  • Communication is key! Once your routines have been adjusted, try to incorporate daily discussion time. With the family aim for each person sharing their day or answering a conversation starter question. We have several conversation starter games that offer a myriad of topics. At night time my husband and I love talking alone because we discuss MORE THAN the basic work, children, and news stories. We cover our goals, dreams, and future plans. We also reminisce about how we met, our time in college, and family testimonies.
Ladies this job gives us a million additional titles per our family but there is a way to manage it all. Start by remembering you are a WIFE FIRST then conquer each task accordingly. I’ve been doing this for years and it works! Our time as a family has improved tremendously even as we added more children. I don’t know how long I’ll be consistent before old habits resurface; however, I will always have this post as a reminder. I also entrust my close friends and P-31 sisters to hold me accountable.
Remember your marriage is victorious!

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Make this week exquisite,

~Ta’Neisha K.~

Disclaimer: This blog post was inspired by and includes a social media status I posted years ago. I thought it was a great reminder to put our vows before all the other jobs we encounter.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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