Sunny Days & Family Fun

This time across our globe has encouraged us to find ways to enjoy the new sunny seasons in brief moments. I’ve been able to come up with some creative ways to take our learning outdoors. As we are sheltered in place or hunkered down as we say in the south, we’ve come to appreciate these outside moments even more. Today, I’m sharing three of our favorite ways family activities for sunny days.

1. DIY Painting Party: For this, I purchased tabletop easels, palettes, and canvas. We used the watercolor palettes and washable tempera paint we already owned. I set up our painting party in the backyard on our picnic table. I allowed my children to paint whatever they wanted and on occasion, I’d draw a template for them to recreate. You can also use Paint by Number kits for this activity.

2. Super Kites and Power Planes: Though both of these activities are common, we decided to add a competitive element to it. For the planes, we used chalk to draw a few courses that varied in length. We flew homemade paper planes at each course and I gave a prize to the person with the most wins. Our kite challenge included store-bought and homemade ones. We used an open field near our home as our play space for this. Both the kite and plane competitions included prizes for the longest flight, highest flight, and most creative course.3. Family Obstacle Course: By gathering and strategically placing a few household items you can design a Gladiator game for your family. You need sheets of paper and markers to create station signs with directions. Use cones or folding chairs to designate where each station starts and place necessary materials next to it. At each station, each person will complete the task before moving on to the next one. We’ve been able to create courses with unique themes like field day, football, cross-fit, and dance breaks. You can also add a competitive element by timing each other.

Though these experiences can’t replace all our weekly activities, they have definitely created fun memories.

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