Review: Drive Thru History® Adventures Bible Unearthed

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Drive Thru History® Adventures is known for offering creative, hands-on ways to explore the Bible. Bible Unearthed is their newest release that offers a 12-week online course that includes video lessons, printable materials, and a private social media group to discuss each lesson. This course focuses on the important and pivotal impact of ancient history and archaeology.

Bible Unearthed offers a new, family-friendly way to study Bible history online. The 12 lessons offer a weekly adventure that begins with a video episode followed by a detailed exposition. The video lessons are approximately 15 minutes each and showcase discussion between archeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy as well as Drive Thru History® Adventures writer Randall Niles, and host Dave Stotts. These conversations allow Dr. Kennedy to share his expertise and note how ancient artifacts prove Biblical History. The subsequent breakdown is available on the lesson page as well as via download to your device of choice. The downloaded worksheets also include comprehension questions, discussion points, and answer guides.

Dig Deeper articles are also available on the website to help you learn more about each topic. Links to relevant articles are already provided at the bottom of each episode page. These lessons are also filled with activities you easily can do at home like decoding ancient messages. Incorporating activities allows more time for family fun while ensuring all ages can understand what you just learned. As a bonus, a private Facebook Group is also available to course participants. Access to this exclusive group is only granted after your account has been verified. There, you’ll be able to converse with other participants and see how they used these lessons in their home. You can also ask questions for clarity and share your personal learning experiences.

This online course was designed to complete one lesson each week. An optional schedule has also been created for your convenience. If the provided schedule doesn’t fit your family’s needs, creating one that is the perfect pace is easy.

Sample Schedule
  • Monday: Watch the episode and read the written exposition/breakout materials
  • Tuesday: Complete the optional activity
  • Wednesday: Read the Dig Deeper articles, and/or conduct outside research
  • Thursday: Watch this week’s episode again, while reviewing the written materials.
  • Friday: Complete the worksheet and compare it to the answer guide.

Since activities and comprehension questions are provided you could also easily incorporate this into your homeschool curriculum. Older children can complete the suggested reading and questions as a history assignment. If you have younger children I suggest summarizing the articles and showing more pictures related to what you saw in the video lessons.

Initially, we decided to use Bible Unearthed as a family Bible Study and follow the provided schedule. After two weeks we decided to adjust the schedule to complete all activities on Monday and Wednesday. Completing each lesson took approximately one hour each week. We found this course to be entertaining and educational for everyone in our family. With my younger children, we just focused on the artifacts and their relation to the Bible. My older children read the suggested material and answered the questions orally. We all enjoyed the activities and found the entire program to be enjoyable. We suggest this Drive Thru History® Adventures program for families that are interested in archaeology and Bible History.

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Happy homeschooling, Ta’Neisha K.

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