Our Prayer for 2021

“2020 was a hard year!”
“I’m so over 2020!”
“I can’t wait for 2020 to be over!”

Do these quotes sound familiar to you? Have you heard people complaining about the events of this year more than usual? Yes, 2020 was undeniably a year to remember but the good has always outweighed the bad. I was saddened when I heard people constantly sharing their disdain for the entire 366 days of 2020. This year, like those before, wasn’t perfect but I’m so grateful that every obstacle was conquered and tremendous growth was achieved.

Here are a few of the #TeamKEMP 2020 Accomplishments:
  • Kevin received a major promotion on his job after only being there for two months!
  • We made some new friends and took time each month to connect with old friends!
  • Bear grew 4.5 inches and is taller than me now!
  • Princess learned to read and has gotten better at writing!
  • Bam Bam is learning to play the piano and has a knack for tinkering just like Bear!
  • We laughed together often and found creative ways to enjoy our neighborhood during this time.
  • I FINALLY committed to my weight loss journey and have lost over 90 lbs!
  • We enjoyed the variety of FREE educational classes, performances, and events provided by various local meteorologists, dance companies, authors, artists, and celebrities.
  • Our church had to make adjustments for services but has never missed a Sunday worship during the Pandemic. We enjoyed drive-in worship but it is great to be back inside.
  • We were able to celebrate the lives of loved ones that passed, in person rather than online. Not many have been able to do that so we are truly thankful.
  • I sent out several random and surprise gifts that were well received.
  • My blog family (followers) increased by 38%!

As 2020 comes to an end, I hope that you were helped, encouraged, or blessed in some way by the things I shared on my platforms. Marriage, motherhood, makeup, and homeschool have been phenomenal parts of my life for nearly 14 years. As always, I truly thank you for continued support via emails, social media comments, and everything else you do to help me share these messages of hope and encouragement to women across the globe. I’ve spent the week editing videos and writing blog posts for next year. I also have a giveaway planned to start the year! So, let’s SPEAK LIFE over 2021 and prepare to enjoy more reviews, giveaways, guidance, and laughs as we continue our Team Kemp journey.

Here is my prayer for you:
Magnificent God, thank you for the year 2020! Thank you for 366 days that have given us core memories and stories we’ll share for generations to come. Many have stated that 2020 was a very difficult year for them but I pray that they adjust their lens to see the hope, strength, and how they endured until December 31st. Remind your people that strengthening our obedience to your will and growth in your word was worth every obstacle encountered this year.

Thank you for the continued support of every person that reads my blogs, views the social media posts, and watches our videos. Their participation has afforded multifarious opportunities and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you for our family and friends, and all the memories we have made with them this year. For those connected to Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool this year might not have been perfect but we are grateful that you guided us through it all. Thank you for every year ending with reminders to be thankful in November and to spread CHRISTmas joy in December! Thank you for the last week of every year focusing on pressing forward to pursue our new goals in January.

And finally, Lord thank you for the birth, life, death, and subsequent resurrection of your son Jesus Christ through which we have immediate access to salvation. Thank you that one day he is going to return and take all your children home. Just as you did this year, and in every moment of time prior, we trust you to guide us into and through 2021 because we can accomplish nothing without you. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, it is so! Amen

Happy New Year from our family to yours,

Let’s chat about it! Share your 2020 wisdom in the comments

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