Kemp Family Christmas Vlog

Merry Christmas!! 2020 is almost over but I’m so grateful that every year ends with the holiday season. I love how we must take the time to be grateful and appreciative via Thanksgiving in November. Then, we are immediately pushed into a season of gratitude, donations, volunteering, and showing appreciation to those near or far in December. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!

Since this year has been quite creative, unique, and full of surprises, I decided to send out my Christmas gifts early. I mean rrreeeeeaaaaalllllll early, like at the end of October. I did this so I could focus solely on my family during the holidays. I decided Team Kemp would have my undivided attention in 2020 and every November and December afterward. We have been to see Christmas lights and attended several exclusive holiday events. We also took some much needed time to rest and just enjoy each other’s company.

We also created a holiday song EP produced by CB Radio Records. Consider our karaoke-style singing and snippets of our holiday adventures as a gift from our family to yours.

Watch our holiday singalong video!

Y’all, this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!! It wasn’t perfect but it was full of pure joy and love. I couldn’t ask for anything more from my family. I hope you and your family are having a blessed Christmas and New Year season.

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Ta’Neisha K.

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