New!! ONLINE!! Family Mixed Martial Arts Course

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos has created a fun, faith-filled way for the whole family to learn Mixed Martial Arts. We received unlimited access to the Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Preschool Mixed Martial Arts taught by Miss Cheryl, Head Youth Instructor for Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts. This is an online course that features over 100 videos catered to teaching young children and their parents to learn the strength, courage, and discipline of martial arts in the safety of their own homes.

The Preschool Mixed Martial Arts course encourages a parent-child method so families learn together and progress at their own pace. All the lessons are designed for students as young as four to six years old to understand the techniques introduced. As homeschoolers, this simple structure allows flexibility in showing the segments and ensures easy to understand facilitation and quicker recall of all concepts. Every lesson in the Preschool Mixed Martial Arts course is broken down into six segments to provide easy transition throughout the course.

Want to see a preview? Watch this video!

Lesson Structure:

  1. Greetings and Warm-up: daily greetings followed by warm-up exercises to loosen the muscles.
  2. Technique: One new technique is introduced within the lesson shown from different angles via multiple physical demonstrations.
  3. Character: Character traits like good sportsmanship, patience, obedience, and honor are also taught every lesson to encourage important life values.
  4. Review and Games: provided to reinforce the technique taught earlier in a high-paced, exciting, and fun way at their fastest speed.
  5. Fun Exercises: A different exercise is taught each lesson designed to improve your children’s balance, strength, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, dexterity, and focus.
  6. Lesson Review and Closing: A final technique review followed by a formal dismissal of the class by the instructor, Miss Cheryl.

We used this course 4 times a week, in the mornings or right before the afternoon snack. I found it easiest to use the browser on our Firestick so the videos could be seen on our television. Initially, lessons took approximately 35 minutes to get through but as we progressed, the time seemed to fly by. A variety of Mixed Martial Arts techniques are introduced to and practiced throughout the course like jab, wrist break with a fist, self-defense stand up, and the double collar break. Bam Bam and Princess enjoyed the fun exercises like Balloon and Ice-Cream, Windmills, Roll Ball & Ninja Pose, Boogie Board Swim & Surf Stance, as well as Plank on Boogie Board. These provided animated ways to practice the new techniques introduced that day. Finally, I admired that Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos included moments to discuss the importance of character like good sportsmanship, organization, patience, obedience, honor, snd attentiveness. These tidbits were a bonus that paired well with the strength, discipline, and commitment required for Mixed Martial Arts. Printable certificates are also available to document your children’s progress or to be awarded upon completion of the course.

This online course gives your family a variety of self-defense information that you or your children can use to protect themselves from harm. Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Preschool Mixed Martial Arts course focuses on building faith, courage, hope, love, and compassion. It is quite apparent that this course was designed around a unique way to introduce persistence and determination through timeless Martial arts training.

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