Review: Pursued to Eternity by John Riley

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Today’s review features a detailed look at the Pursued to Eternity by John Riley. This book vividly recounts two brothers travels to Kenya, Egypt, and Israel. Conner Bridges alongside his younger brother, Dr. Alan Bridges travel the globe on assignment but there appears to be a larger work at play. This tale also includes how this experience confronted Alan’s atheism and strengthened Conner’s faith in God.


Pursued to Eternity begins with detailed explanations about time, God’s pursuit of us, the devil’s desire for us, and our inheritance through Christ. From there we are taken through a biblical timeline starting after the flood. We watch life unveil as our travels introduce us to starving hunters battling a dinosaur and a young Egyptian journaling about the Hebrew slaves and their rescue. This book also contains correspondence dealing with Alan’s inability to believe in God’s Creation story over Evolution. Thorough annotations, scripture references, and arguments are provided as the characters go back and forth about their personal beliefs. Each supporting their ideas with passion, however, God is the one truly providing the concrete findings because His intentions for all the discussion will soon be revealed.

We received a paperback copy of Pursued to Eternity by John Riley. This book is available from various online retailers in physical or e-book format. This 152-page book has 17 chapters and an Introduction section at the beginning of the book. This book also has illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. It took me approximately 90 minutes to read through this book.

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I appreciate the scripture references, annotations, details for events mentioned, and storyline idea presented in the summary. I thought the Introduction offered a beautiful summary and explanation as to why this book was written. I was looking forward to reading about how Alan was pursued by God throughout their travels abroad. However, after the Introduction and first two chapters, this book seemed to move in too many directions. The cover summary and introduction read like this book is a tale based on familiar stories that include scripture references. However, the book reads more like a theology textbook or biblical research book. John Riley’s passion for apologetics and dedication to the characters is apparent and deeply embedded in the text. The scripture references provided plenty of study material and even had me pull out my favorite Chronological Bible. I enjoyed the idea of this story and think a youth novel version, featuring the characters mentioned would do well. I also enjoyed the rich text in this book but I don’t think it pairs well with the current description. Just adjusting that will offer a bit more understanding and preparation to the reader.

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