BOTW: Carved in Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes

Carved in Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes discusses 10 women that worked to change the world. While reviewing their stories we learn how each woman contributed to Black History and World History by fighting until laws changed, speaking to multitudes, building schools, and even sharing the Gospel around the world. Every woman worked through times of slavery, racism, or fought through oppression to accomplish goals that many deemed unreachable.

Carved in Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes discusses:

  • Elizabeth Freeman
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs
  • Maria Fearing
  • Charlotte Forten Grimké
  • Sarah Mapps Douglass
  • Sara Griffith Stanley
  • Amanda Berry Smith
  • Lucy Craft Laney
  • Maria Stewart
  • Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Jasmine L. Holmes shares her commentary paired with research and inspiration from these heroines. Each entry leaves you wondering if your current level of faith could have sustained you to endure their hardships. My favorite feature of this book is that each woman mentioned isn’t well-known and so we receive a fresh introduction to their stories.  I also appreciated that these women came from various backgrounds and yet were given opportunities to accomplish amazing things.

As a homeschool mom, I appreciate books that offer history from various cultural perspectives. I’ve always taught my children to gather a plethora of information to understand American History and World History. We also read scripture to see how God’s presence, power, and people have been used to influence history. I believe Mrs. Holmes has a similar idea with this book. Due to the discussion and extensive vocabulary, I recommend Carved in Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes for 10th grade and up.

You can find Carved in Ebony by Jasmine L. Holmes in-store or online wherever books are sold. Thank you Bethany House Fiction for the opportunity to read this book.

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