BOTW: Islands and Enemies *Imagination Station #28*

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

The Imagination Station series is known for engaging and energetic children’s chapter books. Islands and Enemies by Marianne Hering is the 28th installment of the Tyndale series and it does not disappoint! We received a physical copy of this hardcover book. Every title within the series can be purchased via the website, various Christian bookstores or retailers, as well as wherever books are sold.

The Imagination Station is Mr. John Avery Whittaker’s time-traveling invention. During each tale, cousins Patrick and Beth head to a different period and learn about world history. Every story is historically accurate while encouraging young readers to grow in their faith. Islands and Enemies includes the unforgettable accounts of those that encountered Captain Ferdinand Magellan. It also includes details about those that were participants in or victims of local Witch Trials.

Patrick and Beth board the Victoria in 1521 but continue to make bad impressions after meeting Captain Ferdinand Magellan. Soon thereafter, the cousins are accused of being witches, a crime punishable by death. While under constant watch and scrutiny by the crew, the two must prove their innocence or suffer their punishment. The crew is anxiously awaiting any excuse to throw the cousins overboard. To avoid suspicion, Beth works as the voyage scribe while Patrick makes friends with the crew. Eventually, a dangerous line is drawn on the ship and everyone must decide whether they will support Magellan or not.

I always find The Imagination Station books to have a fun storyline with interesting characters. The plot always makes the book fun for children but includes enough historic details so adults also pay attention. The font is a nice size for young readers and the author does a great job introducing and explaining vocabulary for that time. Sergio Cariello did a fantastic job on the illustrations placed throughout the book. My children also liked the prize they received after finding the secret word in the book. After completing a puzzle, they entered the word in a form on the website and received a printable board game.

As usual Focus on the Family alongside Tyndale gave my family a safe, surprising, and unique reading experience. We recommend Islands and Enemies for children 6 to 13 years old. This book can be read alone or as a family read-aloud.

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