VeggieTales NIrV Bible (Unboxing & Review)

VeggieTales is a well-known Bible cartoon that is a familiar staple in most churches. Many of us grew up exposed to the shenanigans of those Peas, the silliness of the Cucumber, and the motherly love of the Blueberry. Now, those same characters are found within the pages of the VeggieTales NIrV Bible. We purchased this from but I have seen it available at various retailers.

Bam Bam received this as his first Bible four years ago for Christmas. He really likes the color, activities within the book, and the cool cover. Now, that he is 8, he still uses this bible but has decided he is ready for a harder version. Our only con is that the text is all blue throughout the Bible. The black text would’ve been better to read and might allow children over 9 years old to keep using it. The NIrV text was truly easy to understand and Bam Bam had no trouble leading Bible Study when it was his turn.

Ready to look inside? Watch this!

Noted Features:

  • Veggie Stories: 8 full-color, best-loved Bible stories as told in the VeggieTales videos, including Dave and the Giant Pickle; Rack, Shack, and Benny; and Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen
  • Book introductions: give important information about each book of the Bible
  • “Veggie Values”: teach lessons from the Bible like God made you special, God loves you very much, don’t be afraid, be kind to others, forgive one another, and many more
  • “Remember This”: highlights key verses of Scripture to remember
  • Dictionary: helps kids better understand key Bible words and concepts

COMMENT BELOW: How old were you when you received your first Bible?

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