BOTW: Buck First Bank Account by Buck Academy

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features a detailed look at the BUCK FIRST BANK ACCOUNT book by Buck Academy. This story was written to be an easy-to-use guide to understanding bank options. The story introduces you to Buck, a dollar bill that explains how to choose a bank, the type of accounts available, and how to open a bank account. We received a physical copy of this paperback book and it was read individually by myself as well as each of my children. This book was written by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyolla Goss.

First, we noticed the mentions of helpful tips on saving, the long-term effects of being smart with your money, and step-by-step instructions for opening an account. Detailed descriptions are provided about debit card use, wise spending, and even the importance of giving. A Bank Account Comparison & Assessment form is also provided so you can carefully choose the right place for your money. A Glossary is also provided at the back of this 25-page book. You can tell that this information was carefully written for children to understand the importance of financial literacy and independence.

Though the book’s concept is great, there are a few issues with the design of the book. Due to the binding, several images, page borders, and some text aren’t visible. The organization of the text is also noticeable as some pages have multiple alignments which is a bit confusing. My children also mentioned the graphics and recommended the two human characters be updated to look more realistic. However, even with these minor issues, the purpose of Buck Academy to educate all on the basics of money and personal finance is quite evident. BUCK, FIRST BUCK ACCOUNT does a good job of introducing sustainable and simplified techniques for teaching the basic foundation of financial literacy to children.

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