Elementary Writing Resources (K-3)

Today I’m sharing my favorite resources to teach writing to my Cool Kids.

MLK Jr. Day Activities by Goose Goose Duck

Martin Luther King, Jr. Activity Book for Kids by Goose Goose Duck

2022 Mindset & Fun Tag Video

To start the year off, I was asked to participate in a TAG which is great to introduce myself to the new readers.

Sis, you are equipped! Encouragement!

Have you ever felt weighed down, unsure, or a bit worn out? Well, this is the encouragement post for you!

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, surrounded by people you love and wholeheartedly cherish. We are enjoying a time of rest with our family and look forward to returning to the blog and social media again in December. COMMENT BELOW: What are you thankful for? For more unboxing reviews and family encouragement, SUBSCRIBE toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving 2021”

Spouse Appreciate: Acknowledge the Power of Manhood

Recently, I was a part of a youth sports debacle unlike I’ve never seen before. During that time, I watched confused children covering their ears while angry parents hurled insults and obscenities. You could literally see the negativity bounce from person to person. It was truly discouraging and tragic to see adults so angry ofContinue reading “Spouse Appreciate: Acknowledge the Power of Manhood”

Week 5: Wives of the Bible Study

Week 5 of the Wives of the Bible Book Study

Week 4: Wives of the Bible Study

Week Four of our Wives of the Bible Book & Bible Study starts now!

Week 3: Wives of the Bible Study

Join Week Three of the Wives of the Bible study

Week 2: Wives of the Bible Study

Did you enjoy week one? Well, Week 2 is already underway with a new group of Wives of the Bible. Let’s grow together! Download Week 2 Notes WEEK TWO VIDEOS: Videos will GO LIVE daily at 12:00 PM CST You can also watch each video lesson and some additional encouragement via the Wives of theContinue reading “Week 2: Wives of the Bible Study”