#8isgreat My Marriage Is Redeemed

Today I celebrate EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS of holy matrimony to my wonderful husband, Kevin. For the past week I’ve been posting all the things I love about being married and I had to share them with you all. The count down leads to a recent video where I shared how God redeemed my marriage throughContinue reading “#8isgreat My Marriage Is Redeemed”

I’m EQUIPPED to succeed!

Yesterday was a bad homeschool day. It was one of the worst homeschool days we have had in a while. It started off okay, but as soon as we got to our new unit of creative writing, I could see my son was not interested. That’s when the war started. As soon as I startContinue reading “I’m EQUIPPED to succeed!”

While There Is Still Time To Say “Thank You”…

While there is still time to say “thank you,” I want to appreciate my Lord and Savior for the gift of salvation and the daily blessings that I don’t deserve. I’m so grateful for the miracles, love, and peace that only you can provide. I’m in awe of you, Most High, Counselor, Creator of all,Continue reading “While There Is Still Time To Say “Thank You”…”

Grandfathers are GREAT!

Here recently, we went on two vacations which included visits to our grandfathers. Now that you’ve read the previous sentence, ask yourself these quick questions: -When is the last time you visited your grandparents? -What is the last time you visited your aunts or uncles? -When is the last time you visited any of yourContinue reading “Grandfathers are GREAT!”

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Special shout out to my great husband for encouraging me to be better, reach higher, work harder, and especially for his persistent pushing. If my Comfort Zone were an actual place, I imagine that it would have mood lighting, plenty of plush of pillows, and a sectional couches with recliners. Why? Because I love seatingContinue reading “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone”

Great Things of 2014 – 1st Quarter

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost over?!?! Time is truly flying by but that must be because I’m enjoying every moment of life. Here are some great things that have happened to me during the first quarter of 2014. First, as a family we’ve enjoyed getting to know our newestContinue reading “Great Things of 2014 – 1st Quarter”