100% Wack! Wet N Wild Ombre Blushes

You ever get so excited about purchasing a brand new makeup product that you can’t wait to get it home?

You ever get so anxious for the release date of a product that you stalk their social networks just so you can be the first person to purchase it?

You ever get so disappointed upon opening said product because you realize that your money has been wasted?

You ever purchase something that you had high hopes for only to have it end up being 100% WACK?!?!

<Raises hand>

I’m the only one?



That’s what happened to me just 4 weeks ago when I picked up these blushes. I was so excited to see the advertisement for them and couldn’t wait to order each via the Target website. While picking them up, I had a quick make-up chat with the cashier and told her to check out my channel for a prompt review. Since then, I’ve seen her twice and when asked about the review I scurried off. I didn’t have the heart to tell everybody how horrible these products were because I love Wet’n’Wild so much. I’ve never been more disappointed in Wet’n’Wild for the horrible quality and pigmentation in these blushes.


Ombre blushes
The look of disappointment due to the Super WACK-ness of these blushes

I hope that this is just a brief error in the Wet’n’Wild history and that this product quickly leaves our memory because it is replaced by something that is actually fantastic. Wet’n’Wild you know better, so please do better.  For more details, lives watches, and my reactions to this product check out the video.

Make this week dazzling,

~Ta’Neisha K.

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