#BrowGameStrong but Brunette STILL isn’t dark enough

I was super excited when I came across this a new product from wet and wild called Ultimate Brow Mascara. I picked up the darkest color they offered which was for brunettes and did my best to get it to work for me. In order to have the perfect color match I also used aContinue reading “#BrowGameStrong but Brunette STILL isn’t dark enough”

100% Wack! Wet N Wild Ombre Blushes

You ever get so excited about purchasing a brand new makeup product that you can’t wait to get it home? You ever get so anxious for the release date of a product that you stalk their social networks just so you can be the first person to purchase it? You ever get so disappointed uponContinue reading “100% Wack! Wet N Wild Ombre Blushes”