God, I thank you for answered prayers!

Does God hear me when I pray? 

Will God answer my prayers? 

How do I know my prayer has been answered? 

Every believer has wondered these things at one time or another.   I’m simply posting this blog as a reminder to myself and encouragement for every other believer out there.  Know that God hears us, answers us, and will give us a sign.  I hope you enjoy my testimony.



I’ve been eyeing an easel for the children for years but hadn’t purchased one yet.  Yesterday while we were walking through Toys-R-Us I saw several and quietly prayed “God, thank you for our easel” as we walked away.  While driving out of the neighborhood this morning, it was my turn to lead prayer time.  Today I decided to say a prayer of Thanksgiving rather than ask God for anything.  During the prayer I saw that an easel was lying on the curb of our neighbor’s home.   My husband probably thought I was crazy when I shouted “God, thank you for our easel” as I pointed to the curb.  We pulled up, he placed it in our car, and we drove to worship more grateful than we had been minutes prior.

I was so happy!

Now, was it a coincidence that we just happened to drive down the street and run into the very thing that I had prayed for the day prior?  Probably so, but I believe that God desires for me to have what I ask for.  Seriously, I serve the only God that can do anything! A simple easel request is not too hard for the Most High.  His quick response on my prayer reminded me of how sweet it is to receive an answer from God.




Recently I have been praying about some things and felt so discouraged.  Yes, joyful Ta’Neisha felt dejected.  I’m known for encouraging and uplifting believers as the Holy Spirit leads; however, when it was my turn to be encouraged it seemed that no one noticed.  (That’s just a trick of the enemy because we are never alone and the word offers encouragement.)  In fact, in my time of need it appeared that others required my support all the more which caused me to put my hard time on hold.

My confidence was renewed during a worship service a couple of weeks ago when a young woman, that I have only spoken to twice, provided reassurance on everything that I have been praying about.  I’m usually the person initiating these conversations but this time I was on the receiving end.  My faith in God was reinforced because I knew that he had heard every word I’d only uttered in secret.  I left that service rejoicing!



So, based on my 34 years of life, I can truly say that a righteous believer should never fret about the power of prayer.  Prayer is our required way of communication with the King and a gift to us, in my opinion, because it allows instant opportunity to speak freely with El Shaddai in the name of Jesus.  And, if you feel like you don’t know how to pray then don’t fret because there is a verse for your situation.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just opened my Bible and prayed God’s word back to Him.  I bet you never thought a children’s art accessory could inspire or be a reminder of the faithfulness God.  You never know what God will use to remind you of his powerful presence.

So dear believer, keep pressing, keep believing, and definitely keep praying! God is faithful, hears our prayers, and he will answer you.
Make this week prayerful,

Ta’Neisha K.

Don’t forget to pray for your marriage and your pastor.

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