I love my Bible!

I posted this Facebook status update back in July of 2013 and thought it was worth sharing again today. —– Every Sunday I look forward to seeing a little boy at my church. Why? Well because EVERY SUNDAY he proudly shows me his Bible.  He tells me who bought it for him and why itContinue reading “I love my Bible!”

Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come!

This month our homeschool had the grand opportunity to review a book from the By the Way Book Series collection.  Bear, our eldest, chose to read Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come because his aunt recently moved there and he wanted to learn about the area.  This book is one of six, currently available, thatContinue reading “Florida’s Treasure Coast Here We Come!”

Why We Celebrate CHRISTmas

Dear Believers, During this holiday season, more than ever before, I’ve seen plenty of videos and status updates turned debates depicting the “truth about Christmas.”  However, I hope that you are being mindful of the information and the source thereof.  Study, learn, grow, and teach the truth but be careful that your knowledge doesn’t turnContinue reading “Why We Celebrate CHRISTmas”

The Fragrance of A Godly Woman

Today, I had to take time to remember my beautiful Grandmother, Deborah Dunmore, for everything she instilled in me by raising my mother.  I’m still in awe that I remember so much of what I watched her do for her family, even though she was gone before I had my own to tend to.  SheContinue reading “The Fragrance of A Godly Woman”