Our Compassion Experience

This week our family was fortunate enough to attend The Compassion Experience tour when it arrived in The Lone Star State. I was so excited for us to attend because we missed it during its last tour in our area. This time I made attending top priority and we are so glad that we did.

The Compassion Experience is based off of ministries that help third world countries that are truly in poverty. Through their ministry they provide clean water, medical care, education to children and adults, food, and shelter. As children enter the program they are given opportunities that they would have never had because of their family’s current situation. Many families are introduced and excited to accept Jesus Christ through services offered by this ministry and from there they are introduced to everything else the Compassion Program has to offer.

When attending this FREE exhibit you are able to walk through the testimonies of children who have participated and subsequently graduated the program. It is truly an eye opening day in the life experience as you see pictures, video, and hear the participants guide you through their life story. We were truly amazed to hear how Jesus Christ changed the lives of parents and even helped the children forgive and show compassion toward others. This exhibit is also family friendly so even our two-year-old was able to enjoy and understand what was going on. Due to some of the vivid details in the stories most of the exhibits offer a child friendly version of the testimony. The stories change during the tour so feel free to visit the exhibit on each round of the tour.

You can watch clips of our field trip via this recent YouTube video.

We strongly encourage you to make time to attend this testimonial exhibit when it comes to your area. You can find out details on the tour by clicking this vibrant hyperlink. You can also find out more about The Compassion Program and how you can sponsor a child via this vivid hyperlink.

Make this week fruitful,

Ta’Neisha K

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4 thoughts on “Our Compassion Experience

  1. This would be such an amazing thing to visit…I’m going to look for one close to us. Thank you for sharing!

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