Wife Talk: Your Purpose Starts At Home

WIVES & MOTHERS: Do you know how valuable and important your work at home is?

While watching my mother raise me and my sister, I was constantly taught that when you are a wife or a mother, your purpose begins at home. Time spent with my grandmother also showed me how a wife should love and care for her husband, children, and household. They were pivotal examples of strong women that were proud to say their “ministry” grew as their marriage and children flourished. Oh, and their hard work and dedication didn’t stop there! My mother and grandmother were also acknowledged by their community, coworkers, and church members.

I recently read this great point in a devotional: “Your good works ought to first be done at home, ministering to the needs of your family. Then as God gives you time, opportunity, available resources, or in a different season of life, take those gifts and abilities and expand them.” So many people spend valuable personal prayer time asking God to reveal their true purpose and ministry. However, I’m so grateful Deborah Dunmore and Debra Thompson were my examples of walking out purpose and ministry by example.

Want to learn more? Watch the Fragrance of a Godly Woman

Hopefully, this blog post encourages you to evaluate what is truly important. Due to the current Pandemic, I pray the time we’ve all been able to spend with our families has allowed you to actually be present for your family. Let your husband and children know how much you appreciate being a wife and mother. Show them how you overcome obstacles by pushing through your bad days. Show them how you share your faith by encouraging others and living by example. Remember, your presence is priceless and a blessing to your household.

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Make this week grand,
Ta’Neisha K.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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