Wife Talk: Support His Decisions

Enjoy a quick anecdote with tips on how to fully support your husband.

Faith Through Frustration

Originally posted on Marriage, Motherhood, & Homeschool:
It was FOOTBALL SATURDAY!!! ?Our oldest had just scored a touchdown on the field, while the sleepy, frustrated, and hot toddlers were acting out in the bleachers. ?As team mom, I tried to smile and push through the tantrums but at half-time, I was fed ALL THE WAY…

Wife Talk: Your Purpose Starts At Home

Watching my mother and grandmother provided pivotal examples of how important being a wife and mother is.

Wife Talk: Why I Don’t Like My Husband

Get the details of the 5 things I DO NOT LIKE about my husband.

Marriage Bloopers

Think back to the day you said “I do” to the love of your life and vowed to keep the covenant of marriage forever. Wasn’t that a great day? Now fast forward to the day you realized that the wonderful person you married was not as “perfect” as you thought and your marriage wasn’t either.Continue reading “Marriage Bloopers”

The Unappreciated Spouse

At times, my spouse feels under appreciated. I know this to be a 100% truthful statement, also known as a fact. How do I know this? Because I am his wife and I too have felt unappreciated. Yep. Bet you didn’t see that coming. OMG HOW DID WE GET HERE? ARE WE ON THE BRINKContinue reading “The Unappreciated Spouse”