LeapFrog Learning Academy *New PreK-1st Subscription*

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features a detailed look at the newest interactive learning program for young children, LeapFrog Academy®. LeapFrog® designed this for 3-6-year-olds to play on the go on any internet-capable device.

We received a one-year subscription to the LeapFrog Academy®. This program has activities for children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. Access is available by purchasing a monthly, 6-month, or Yearly subscription. Separate profiles can be created within the family account for multiple children. This program provides on-the-go access to core subjects taught in over 2,000 games, eBooks, and activities. While having fun, your children will learn math, reading, problem-solving skills, science, and more.

Things to note:

  • Play on any internet-capable device
  • NO Wi-Fi required
  • NO ads
  • NO in-game purchases
  • Unlimited play
  • Track your child’s progress
  • One account for all children
  • One login for the entire family
  • Personal profiles for each child
  • Earn rewards
  • Learn to read

Once your child enters their profile the playtime can begin. Each area on the map offers different activities, learning games, or customization options. As they follow the map and complete activities marbles are earned which can be redeemed for prizes. Your child will also enjoy the ability to create their character, practice skills, and learn while using LeapFrog Academy®.

My World: The vast possibilities allow for the unique customization of their avatar. Choose from a variety of accessories, clothing, and pets then head over to My Learning Lab. Use the lab for extra practice on school subjects and life skills like decision-making.

Learning Adventure: This guided area includes personalized learning adventures. The activities are created to teach your child and review things covered in the previous play. Certificates are earned as they achieve certain levels along the way. Activities include games, counting, reading, puzzles, videos, and eBooks.

Core Subjects and More: Your child can choose from a large library of early fundamental activities. These creative games teach phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, writing, letter recognition, and creative thinking. Use this program to review what you’ve taught or as part of your lesson plan.

Parent’s Dashboard: This password-protected space allows you to add children to your account and update their profiles as needed. If you feel the activities are too hard, move them down. If you feel the activities are too easy then move them up to the next level. Printable worksheets are also available to continue practicing outside the app.

Initially, I had Bam Bam and Princess use LeapFrog Academy daily during our school week. Each Cool Kid was allowed to use the program for 15-20 minutes each day. After a few days, I noted that some of the activities were too simple for Bam Bam. I thought he’d get bored by not being challenged but he finds the activities relaxing and has fun quickly completing his tasks. Bam Bam also said he is determined to collect all the marbles! Princess continued to use the program daily and the Kindergarten program was appropriate for her. She enjoyed the activities, creativity of the world, and earning the prizes. She also liked seeing characters she was familiar with from other Leap devices and television shows.

While using this LeapFrog® program, I noticed a few times where the instructions weren’t clear on the 1st-grade program. There were a few times when Bam Bam followed the directives but the program wouldn’t move him forward. The LeapFrog Academy® also froze several times while my Cool Kids used it. I think this program is off to a great start and with a few adjustments it will be even better. This would be a nice addition for families with young children that are ready for an online learning experience.

Want to learn how other Homeschool Review Crew members used this in their homes? *Tap the photo below*

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