January Weight Loss Goals

Like most, I used to set my New Year’s resolutions with plenty of hope for success but little to no follow through for action.  In October of 2016, I decided enough was truly enough because “nothing changes if nothing changes” and I that’s when I noticed a difference.  I am so excited to kick off 2017 actively pursuing my resolutions in weight loss and journaling on a daily basis.  I couldn’t believe I met my goal for last month and I am so enthusiastic about what the remainder of 2017 will reveal as I grow in strength physically and spiritually.

In 2017, I have an annual weight loss goal of 120 pounds, by losing 10 pounds each month.  I’d definitely consider that an aggressive goal, however; I am more than sure that true diligence will pay off tremendously.  I am enjoying the workouts and the healthy eating habits.  I had already started changing our household dietary regimen two years ago so fine tuning for weight loss hasn’t been a scary transition.  I look forward to trying the new recipes I see on social media and on the weight loss apps I frequent.  Most dishes have turned out to be savory and loved by the whole family while others only require a bit of tweaking thus becoming our next favorite.  Finally, I’m enjoying the accountability I’ve received from family, especially my husband and children, friends, and on social media.  I’ve received so much support on this journey thus far and it is truly encouraging to me.


This month, I’ve set several goals and placed them on my Fitlosophy Monthly Motivational Goal Calendar (FREE download)  which I’ve hung on the refrigerator.  I’ve also recommitted to setting weekly goals, small rewards, and even tracking my food and exercise in my fitbook.  To hear my goals for the month of January, see my sweet reward for last month, and see how I log my workouts on the motivational calendar watch my recent video.



All in all 2017 is off to a great start! Let’s support one another in completing our resolutions and being successful in all areas of life.




Make this week triumphant,

Ta’Neisha K.



Published by Ta'Neisha K.

Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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