Review: Let’s Go Geography

Our 4th grader has been having so much fun with this new world geography curriculum. Let’s Go Geography covers a variety of countries across the globe each year.  This program also features several subscription options to meet your family’s curriculum needs. 

 Lets go geography 3

Initially, I was excited to try this product because our oldest truly enjoys geography lessons. He gets really excited about learning information from different cultures, especially as it pertains to their access to the scriptures and belief in Jesus Christ.  Prior to our official first day of school we followed along with the provided lesson plan for Bear’s coursework to get him back into school flow.  As a complete curriculum I enjoyed the weekly reminder emails featuring information about upcoming lesson and a download link.  This made things so simple because I could easily open the file and print while I enjoyed my favorite makeup guru on YouTube or clipped online coupons.  And, for those of us who occasionally procrastinate or suffer from the forgetful “mom brain,” having your lesson waiting in your inbox is definitely a plus!

 Lets go geography

Once school started, I realized that this curriculum also came at the perfect time because we are currently finishing another world geography series. While lesson planning I was grateful for the option to use the lessons that coincided with the country we were already studying.  So, if your child is enjoying their time in South America feel free to skip around and enjoy the remaining lessons for that continent. Although we had to skip around these last few weeks I look forward to going back to visit the countries that we missed.

 Lets go geography 2

The Let’s Go Geography curriculum provides lessons for two regions of the United States along with twenty-six additional countries each year.  We are currently in year one of the program which includes lessons about Greenland, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Cambodia, and so many more. The activities in the lessons range from listening to music from the country, creating unique art work, map work, and time to write about what they have learned.  Even though various activities are included, you can easily complete a lesson each week including teaching and activity time. You also have the option to create a passport for your child to use as they enter each country as well as a Travel Journal to hold all of the favorite things they’ve done each year. I look forward to saving Bear’s Travel Journal as a keepsake. 


Finally, I had to share that this program is able to be used with all of your students from Kindergarten up to Fourth grade.  Our preschoolers even have their own passport and enjoy listening to the songs or watching videos about the various countries.  I get so excited in knowing that I can adapt the lessons for our younger students and have even found several board books about the countries we’ve visited at the library.  Let’s Go Geography is definitely large family friendly!

Lets go geography 4

Overall, our experience with Let’s Go Geography has been so much fun. Every week we look forward to exploring each continent via this homeschool geography curriculum.  The lessons are jam packed with so much information and there is even a blog on the website dedicated to providing great articles to heighten your homeschool experience. But wait, there’s more! Right now you can visit the website to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of continent coloring pages. You can also check out the special offers section for the current coupon codes to save on your membership subscription. 



As always, be sure to check out additional reviews on this awesome homeschool geography course by clicking this WORLDWIDE hyperlink.


Make this week grand,

 ~Ta’Neisha K.



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