Beauty Tuesday: My Mom’s Nails

This week I’m introducing a new segment on my blog called Beauty Tuesday. This space will be used to share my nails for the week, skin care products that I’m interested in, or current hair obsessions. I might also throw in the occasional fragrance, outfit of the day, or fashion haul. Either way, this willContinue reading “Beauty Tuesday: My Mom’s Nails”

Makeup May! Sweet Spring FOTD

Happy Makeup May and welcome to my first Makeup Monday! Over the years I have tried my best to sprinkle in some of my favorite beauty items and reviews. Now, I think it is time for much more makeup! To start off Makeup May I wanted to share a recent face of the day (FOTD).Continue reading “Makeup May! Sweet Spring FOTD”

Massive Makeup Declutter

#Random Over the past few months I’ve given away 35 lbs of makeup and 17 lbs of nail polish.  My polish collection was cut down tremendously but my makeup collection doesn’t look like it has been touched.  😕 However, after Christmas I’ve set a goal to be back down to one drawer stand instead ofContinue reading “Massive Makeup Declutter”

The ULTIMATE Brow Blog

This post is your all in one stop for everything that has to do with grooming, filling in, and shaping your eyebrows.  I have several product review and tutorials that I’ve filmed over the years so sit back, eat your favorite snack, and enjoy this ULTIMATE brow blog.   EYEBROW GROOMING for me is extremelyContinue reading “The ULTIMATE Brow Blog”


Okay, I just want to start this product rave by saying yes, I do know how to spell sensational but I used the company’s name to describe how beautiful this unit is. I have the Havana unit by Sensationnel in the colors 1B (off black) and in the color DXR991 which is an ombre withContinue reading “Havana is SENSATIONNEL!!”

My 4 Go-To Makeup Looks

Makeup has become one of my favorite hobbies and I definitely enjoy collecting cute pieces, perfecting application on myself, and applying it to others. Now of course nothing is more comfortable than a fresh face; however, I love to simply enhance my own beauty with some key looks.  I also enjoy the smile and pricelessContinue reading “My 4 Go-To Makeup Looks”

Glitter Makes EVERYTHING better!!

I remember the day I was first introduced to my “glitter” and how it changed everything.  It was a sweltering hot day in July and after some labor pains, I got a chance to hold my “glitter” in my arms and we named her Princess.  Every since she has been in our lives things haveContinue reading “Glitter Makes EVERYTHING better!!”

My Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Collection

I recently received some beautiful lipsticks via Influenster in the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vox Box.  These lippies go on smooth, aren’t drying, and have great staying power.  Both shades have become my go to, especially on days that I wear a bare face.     I also love the gorgeous packaging on these lipsticks.  They can beContinue reading “My Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Collection”

Style ~n~ Chat: Come Hither Stare

Hello guys I hope you enjoy these quick “get ready with me” videos featuring some answers to frequently asked questions. In this first tutorial I show you how to get a natural glowing and bronze look for women of color. In the second tutorial I show you how I styled my natural hair. Make thisContinue reading “Style ~n~ Chat: Come Hither Stare”