You Need A Prayer Journal!

    Happy New Year! I am so grateful for a fresh calendar year on the earth and look forward to applying the growth from 2016 into 2017.  This year I wanted to start with a focus on encouragement and equipping the believers for what is to come.  So, let’s talk about my renewed passionContinue reading “You Need A Prayer Journal!”

Why I Love God Greatly

I just finished participating in the You Are Forgiven online Bible study hosted by Love God Greatly.  First let me say that this study has been so amazing!  I love reading the wisdom from the women in my group and feel so encouraged when they respond to my posts.  I was introduced to Love GodContinue reading “Why I Love God Greatly”

Rember Your History of Victory

This challenge comes at a time in my life when so much transition is going on in a grand way.  First, we completed our family when we were blessed to have a great little girl (pregnancy blog coming soon), and second we have moved from the home and town where our love and life began. Continue reading “Rember Your History of Victory”