14 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Today we celebrated 7 GLORIOUS YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!! Two weeks ago I started posting reasons why I love my husband on social networking sites. Initially I did it because I just love my husband; however, I found that as I continued to post, my heart became filled with joy. It was like I fell inContinue reading “14 Reasons Why I Love My Husband”

Great Things of 2014 (3rd Quarter)

This third quarter of 2014 has been tremendous and awesome! I am so grateful for the many accomplishments and family memories I experienced. I’m excited to share them all with you so, let’s get started. We kicked off our third quarter with a relaxing summer vacation. We just vegged, got ice cream wasted, slept in,Continue reading “Great Things of 2014 (3rd Quarter)”

Grandfathers are GREAT!

Here recently, we went on two vacations which included visits to our grandfathers. Now that you’ve read the previous sentence, ask yourself these quick questions: -When is the last time you visited your grandparents? -What is the last time you visited your aunts or uncles? -When is the last time you visited any of yourContinue reading “Grandfathers are GREAT!”

Mrs. & Mom: Somebody Needs Me

Just saw this awesome post and definitely had to share it. The last three sentences had me in tears. As I am writing this entry I realized that I haven’t had a full night of rest all week due to a teething infant as well as a sick #1 and husband. My last uninterrupted showerContinue reading “Mrs. & Mom: Somebody Needs Me”

My Husband is AWESOME!!!

I’m writing this blog today completely, relentlessly, passionately, and hopelessly in love. I know, can you believe it? I’ve been swept off my feet repeatedly, caressed sweetly, and had soft romantic phrases whispered in my ear. You know the phrases “I just paid the rent/mortgage,” “car note is taken car of,” and “I got offContinue reading “My Husband is AWESOME!!!”

I Ain’t Afraid To Get Old! #CELEBRATION32

Another grand year of my life has officially passed, which is basically a fancy way to say IT IS MY BIRTHDAY Y’ALL! WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32 I’m so grateful to celebrate another year of life. I’m also not ashamed to say that I am now 32 YEARS OLD! WHOOP WHOOP #CELEBRATION32 I think it is dishearteningContinue reading “I Ain’t Afraid To Get Old! #CELEBRATION32”

Happy Reading: Wives of The Bible

Let me start with a disclaimer. If you are a wife that doesn’t desire to grow then this blog post is NOT for you. If you are a wife that is perfect and refuses to acknowledge that life CHRISTstyle requires a daily flesh death and consistent reminders via the word, then this blog post isContinue reading “Happy Reading: Wives of The Bible”

Great Things of 2014 – 1st Quarter

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost over?!?! Time is truly flying by but that must be because I’m enjoying every moment of life. Here are some great things that have happened to me during the first quarter of 2014. First, as a family we’ve enjoyed getting to know our newestContinue reading “Great Things of 2014 – 1st Quarter”