Mom, You Deserve It!

Mothers everywhere I pray today you receive special MOMents full of love, appreciation, and gratitude from your family. Sis, you deserve it! Need encouragement? Check out these blog posts: KEEP THE ENCOURAGEMENT GOING by sharing this post with your mom and a friend. COMMENT BELOW: Share some encouragement to the mothers reading this blog ForContinue reading “Mom, You Deserve It!”

Coffee & Book Lovers Tag!

Hey y’all! Today I’m participating in a fun collaboration with a YouTube friend. Check out my response to the Coffee & Book Lover’s Tag by The Ingrid Chronicles via the video below. COMMENT BELOW: What is your favorite book? For more curriculum reviews and family encouragement, SUBSCRIBE to this blog and please share this postContinue reading “Coffee & Book Lovers Tag!”

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Remember, any day is a great day to celebrate our risen Savior! COMMENT BELOW: Do you celebrate Resurrection Sunday? For more curriculum reviews and family encouragement, SUBSCRIBE to this blog and please share this post with family or friends. We would love to CONNECT with you!Get a closer look at all theContinue reading “Happy Resurrection Sunday”

Sermon Share: Rizpah, A Devoted Mother (A.W.A. Mays)

The best thing about being sheltered at home is the ability to hear my childhood pastor, Pastor A.W.A Mays, preach each week. I always admired how he preached from the Bible with such clarity. He was the first Pastor to make God’s word exciting and applicable to my life. I learned so much during myContinue reading “Sermon Share: Rizpah, A Devoted Mother (A.W.A. Mays)”

Sunday Share: Thank you Lord, I’m Brand New!

Often, after the acceptance of Christ as our Lord and personal savior, we will be confronted with the past. All reactions in those moments will be the true testament of your transformation into a Blood Washed believer. It is completely up to you to display the Light of Christ in every situation, especially in anger.Continue reading “Sunday Share: Thank you Lord, I’m Brand New!”

Sunday Share: Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear shares my growth challenge to truly trust God. The task seems easy but I’ve often found myself not fully relying on him. Recently, I had to let go of my desire to FIX everything because that’s God’s job, not mine. Watching this throwback video was an encouraging reminder and I hope thatContinue reading “Sunday Share: Faith Over Fear”

Sunday Share: Lord, I Remember That Miracle!

Originally posted on Marriage, Motherhood, & Homeschool:
“There are times that I still remember the days that I prayed for the things I have now.” This is not just a popular meme and quote, but it is literally the story of my life. I can recall praying sincerely, fervently, and without ceasing, for all of…

Sunday Share: The UNDENIABLE Power Of DADDY

Originally posted on Marriage, Motherhood, & Homeschool:
My daddy is Santa Claus! There is nothing like the presence of a strong, righteous, Christian father.  I mean it.  No matter where you are, you can always tell when a great father is present.  You can see it by his children’s behavior, attitude, and life choices.  You…

Sunday Share: The Remnant by Pastor Lewis

This week’s share is a sermon called The Remnant by Pastor G. Craige Lewis. It was extremely encouraging and full of reminders of the responsibility of being God’s chosen people.