Sunday Share: Lord, I Remember That Miracle!

Recently, this post showed up in my Facebook Memories reminding me of the wonderful things God has done. Reading this again was necessary at this season of my life. I hope you are encouraged by this blog just as I was when writing and rereading it.

Make this week marvelous,

Ta’Neisha K

Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool

“There are times that I still remember the days that I prayed for the things I have now.”

This is not just a popular meme and quote, but it is literally the story of my life. I can recall praying sincerely, fervently, and without ceasing, for all of my favorite things including my husband, children, and even my current career as a stay at home mom. Yes, I prayed for each item until I received them! I prayed for a marriage where divorce isn’t an option, having the three children we desired, the opportunity to stay at home with and homeschool my children, and even for relationship growth within my family and friendships. To look out and see these things occurring is just a true testament to how wonderful God is and how he loves to take care of his children.

Miracle 1

I also have a plethora of testimonies where I’ve…

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Sunday Share: The UNDENIABLE Power Of DADDY

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there.

Enjoy this Sunday Share featuring a post about the UNDENIABLE POWER OF DADDY.

Have a great week,
Ta’Neisha K.

Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool

santa My daddy is Santa Claus!

There is nothing like the presence of a strong, righteous, Christian father.  I mean it.  No matter where you are, you can always tell when a great father is present.  You can see it by his children’s behavior, attitude, and life choices.  You can also spot an impressive father by the way his spouse, peers, and family treat him.  I am always happy to see a wonderful father because I know that great Godly fathers rear superb children, who subsequently raise outstanding children, and so on.

Now of course, there is the opposite end of the fatherhood spectrum featuring the infamous, as seen on TV “deadbeat dad” that no one respects (respeks) or likes to claim.  Please believe if this type of father is super wack or jive in ANY WAY, someone will let him and the world know quick, fast, and in…

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