Our Prayer for 2020

While participating in a YouVersion Bible study with my husband I came across this story that really touched my heart. I couldn’t wait to share the details of this powerful prayer. Basically, it involves a football coach whose extended prayer was not only captured by the cameras but subsequently shared all over the world. Usually,Continue reading “Our Prayer for 2020”

Why We Need Mommy Friends & Fall Wrap-up

This week I’m sharing an update about our Fall and details on the Cool Kids’ curriculum. I also note the importance of spending time with other homeschool moms.

FREE ART CLASSES: Michaels Maker Space

This week we had the extraordinary opportunity to tour and participate in the new Makerspace at our local MichaelsĀ®. This creative space is coming to a store near you and the Cool Kids are excited about it. The location for this space varies depending on your store layout. At our store, the Makerspace is rightContinue reading “FREE ART CLASSES: Michaels Maker Space”

Elementary Reading Resources

This post is filled with my favorite and most cherished resources to teach reading. I’ve used most of these since Bear was in preschool and I’m glad I kept them for my other cool kids. Some items are free while other others can be purchased for $1-$8 in-store or online, especially if buying used. ForContinue reading “Elementary Reading Resources”

Bear’s 6th Grade Curriculum Choices

6th grade!?!?! I cannot believe my oldest is in 6th grade and we are still homeschooling. Since Bear was entering Middle School, I decided to give him more leeway in choosing his options in most subjects. We also sat and discussed his curriculum options in detail before I purchased items. Most of the items purchasedContinue reading “Bear’s 6th Grade Curriculum Choices”

ReadingEggs.com 1st Grade Math Workbook & FREE App Access!

200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade is a consumable workbook by Reading Eggs that can be used alone or in conjunction with their online programs. Hear our thoughts and learn how you can gain access to the ReadingEggs.com website for FREE.

Zeezok Publishing Music Appreciation Course (5th – 8th grade)

Today’s review features a detailed walk-through of the Music Appreciation: Book 2 for the Middle Grades course and components. This middle school elective, offered by Zeezok Publishing, introduces your older children to the life, creative muses, and various talents of nine composers.

Mom’s Interview: 2018-2019 Homeschool Wrap-up

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite moments and a wrap-up of our 2018-2019 homeschool year. This was one of our best years at Team Kemp Academy!

K-6 Math Games with Matific Galaxy

Today’s review features a walk through our experience using the Matific Galaxy program. This is an online program that features math games for K-6 students. We received a one-year subscription to Matific Galaxy for one child.

Join the Homeschool Review Crew!! (Applications Open)

Did you know that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has several opportunities available for HOMESCHOOL blog and/or YouTube platforms? Yes, you read that correctly! Blog and video review opportunities are available, along with other paths at TOS. **Click the photo to learn more** **Let them know that Ta’Neisha K. or MMMH blog sent you** Make thisContinue reading “Join the Homeschool Review Crew!! (Applications Open)”